Fashion Photographer
Co-founder & Deputy Editor-in-chief
at A2Z Fashion Magazine



Jack Lee (b. 1989) is a Korean fashion photographer based in London. His work has been included in publications such as Vogue, A2Z Fashion Magazine, and Magazine B and works regularly for brands including Theo Vii, LG Mobile and S.I.Village. He has recently exhibited at Saatchi Gallery(LDN) , Barge House (LDN), and Camden Image Gallery (LDN). 


He co-founded the London-based A2Z Fashion Magazine and Desire Homme. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief and is selling in over ten countries worldwide. Working in collaboration with artists, models, designers, he has built up a career going beyond the boundaries of Europe and Asia. He is invited to lecture at the Hong Kong Design Institute each semester and to share his knowledge of the industry and show his support for young photographers and new, emerging visual creatives. Furthermore, he lectures styling, photography with industry practise at the London College of Style. 


While working actively in the fashion industry, he continues to introduce unique photography through personal projects and exhibitions in a sense of an artist. He captures beauty and moments of emotion. His visual creation, choice of colour truly expresses his story as an individual.